Deleted tweets collection from UFC stars spark controversy

Discover the latest fan uproar as deleted tweets from UFC stars resurface on Reddit. The collection, featuring prominent names like Conor McGregor and Sean O’Malley, has sparked a debate among MMA enthusiasts. Explore the controversy and share your favorite moments from these fighters’ social media history.

In a recent Reddit post, deleted tweets from various UFC stars have surfaced, creating a buzz among MMA fans. The collection includes tweets from stars like Conor McGregor and Sean O’Malley, with fans expressing diverse opinions on their content.

One tweet that caught fans’ attention was McGregor’s, known for his iconic and humorous social media presence. However, the focus also shifted to Sean O’Malley’s tweets, described by some as “unhinged” and “outta pocket.”

The Reddit thread has garnered significant engagement, with users sharing their thoughts on the deleted tweets. Fans seem divided on their favorite tweets, with some highlighting McGregor’s iconic humor and others finding O’Malley’s tweets intriguing for different reasons.

One particular tweet that stirred reactions was from a fighter expressing frustration with a contract, leading to humorous responses from the community. Fans commented on the humor and relatability of the tweet, making it a standout moment in the collection.

The discussion expanded to include stars like Paulo Costa, who, according to fans, strategically uses language to speak English poorly, allowing him to express himself more freely. The unique typing style of fighters like Costa has become a source of amusement among fans.

Another tweet discussed in the thread involved a controversial statement attributed to Paulo Costa, creating a mix of reactions within the MMA community. Fans acknowledged the humor in the way certain fighters present themselves on social media, even if it might be perceived differently.

The thread also touched upon the chaotic behavior of fighters in their early twenties, with comments highlighting memorable instances from the past. Fans reminisced about the energy and unpredictability displayed by fighters like Edwards during that period of their careers.