David Benavidez destroys Demetrius Andrade, calls out Canelo

In a thrilling bout that captivated the audience on Saturday night, David Benavidez showcased his dominance by overpowering Demetrius Andrade.

The event was anticipated to be a significant challenge for Benavidez, but it unfolded into a dominant victory for the super-middleweight standout. Andrade is a former middleweight and light-middleweight world champion who made his appearance in the 168lbs division for the second time in his career.

Initially, Andrade demonstrated an impressive start in Las Vegas securing what seemed like the first three rounds. His refined boxing skills were on full display, earning him recognition from dedicated fans familiar with his exceptional talent. However, the momentum shifted from the fourth round onward.

Andrade is an adept veteran with limited exposure to elite-level opponents. But he encountered the relentless force of a younger, stronger, and exceptionally skilled Benavidez.


Benavidez easily defeated the 35-year-old, stopping him in the latter moments of round four and delivering a barrage of vicious combinations in the next two rounds.

The contest reached its decisive point by the end of the sixth round, prompting Andrade’s corner to rightfully halt the match. This marked the first defeat in his professional career.

With an impressive record of 28-0, including 24 knockouts, Benavidez celebrated his triumph by seeking out boxing legend Mike Tyson at ringside. Following this remarkable victory, Benavidez wasted no time in challenging his Mexican rival, Canelo Alvarez.

He stated: “I think I solidified myself as the dominant performer I am. Now just give me the fight that everyone wants to see. Let’s give the people what they wanna see. Who wants to see David Benavidez vs Canelo?”

While acknowledging the size disparity between himself and Benavidez, Andrade praised his adversary’s performance. The spotlight now shifts to a potential mega matchup between Benavidez and Canelo, the undisputed king of the 168lbs division. Alvarez recently secured a decisive victory over Jermell Charlo.