Darren Till counters ‘Dana White privilege’ following UFC 292

The UFC has been under a spotlight due to accusations and discussions regarding the privileges certain combatants might receive when it comes to seizing opportunities within the organization.

Notably, former welterweight title contender Darren Till stands firm in his belief that the UFC places its emphasis on stars who bring in notable audience numbers.

In response to recent allegations directed towards UFC President Dana White, Darren Till tweeted.

Following Till’s statement, fans and MMA enthusiasts chimed in with their own opinions.

“You had white privilege”

Meanwhile, a fan highlighted the evolving nature of the sport, stating: yeah but it would be a lot cooler if it was treated like a sport and not a popularity contest. I get it, but I don’t like it.”

Another fan echoed this sentiment, observing: “Every passing day, MMA becomes less sport & more entertainment.”

More fans chimed in. One asserted that Belal Muhammad’s limited presence on social media might be hindering him from obtaining a title opportunity.

He commented: “Belal ‘nobody remembers his name’ Mohammed would have his title shot already if he brought in numbers, he should be focusing on the social side of the fight business.”

This user tweeted: “They could still push and treat the other guys better. Straight away they’re pushing sugar hard. They could have treated aljo better and gave him a bigger push. He wouldn’t be a star like sugar but could have been bigger. Why you crying over fans wanting better for fighters”

Sean O’Malley has been accused of having “Dana White privilege” by both fans and competitors, who claim that the UFC President has assisted him in getting better chances. After O’Malley won the UFC 292 bantamweight championship, White refuted the charges during the news conference after the match.

It’s worth noting that Sean O’Malley’s finish at UFC 292 was one of the only PPV finishes in recent history that UFC posted for free all across their socials. This is counter to their usual practice of striking fans who post snippets on their own social media.

He said: “You don’t become No.2 in the world without earning it, and I don’t pick that, you people do. Then he went in there and delivered tonight. There is no such thing as Dana White privilege in this company. They can do that type of s**t in boxing. If you make it to the top here… when you get to a title shot, you’ve earned it here.”

While the promotion’s swift action in having O’Malley contend for the title after a considerable hiatus from the octagon may be understandable from a business perspective, it raised questions about the treatment of Aljamain Sterling. The former bantamweight champion successfully defended his title at UFC 288 a mere three months prior to UFC 292.

This timeline discrepancy prompted discussions about equity and fairness within the UFC’s promotion and fighter opportunities.