Darren Till challenges Dillon Danis: “If you wanna fight, we can sort it.”

Former UFC star Darren Till is eager to make a triumphant return to the octagon and has set his sights on a high-stakes showdown with controversial MMA athlete Dillon Danis. The British fighter, once a prominent name in the UFC, faced a challenging phase with five losses in his last six bouts, leading to his temporary release from the UFC roster. However, Till remains resolute in his comeback aspirations.

Expressing his desire for a return to the octagon, Till had initially aimed for a boxing match against Dillon Danis before re-entering MMA. However, plans have evolved, and Till now eyes a potential clash at the highly-anticipated UFC 300 mega event.

Despite their previous verbal exchanges and social media banter, the recent development suggests that Till and Danis are keen on settling their differences inside the octagon. A glimpse into a personal message exchange revealed both fighters challenging each other for a match, with Danis proposing the bout take place at UFC 300.

In a voice memo shared by Danis, Till responded, saying, “Dillon… Are you serious, mate? Come on, lad. If you wanna fight, we can sort it.” The exchange adds fuel to the growing rivalry between the two fighters and sets the stage for a potential high-profile matchup.

UFC 300, scheduled for April at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, is anticipated to be the biggest event in UFC history. While match-ups are slowly being revealed by UFC CEO Dana White, the main event remains undisclosed. The possibility of Till and Danis gracing the UFC 300 stage adds intrigue to the event, providing an opportunity for both fighters to showcase their skills and settle their ongoing feud.


Dillon Danis, known for his controversial persona, has been out of MMA action for four years but remained in the public eye with a boxing match against YouTube personality Logan Paul. Despite losing via disqualification, Danis kept the narrative alive, claiming interest from Dana White to bring him back into the UFC fold.

As the potential clash between Till and Danis gains momentum, fans eagerly await further announcements from the UFC regarding the main event and additional matchups for the historic UFC 300 event.