Daniel Cormier slams Chito Vera’s new tattoo

UFC veteran Daniel Cormier isn’t usually the go-to for hard hitting topics. He’s more of a company mouthpiece that delivers hilariously biased takes like that infamous ranking list.

But apparently he doesn’t mince words when it comes to UFC athlete’s looks.  ‘DC’ recently expressed how awful he felt seeing Marlon Chito Vera’s latest tattoo.

Marlon “Chito” Vera is known for his distinct personality. However, he is also a big fan of tattoos. He is among MMA athletes who have tattoos inked all over their body. And even with MMA athletes’ standard, Vera’s tattoo is clearly way too much. He has tattoos in almost all parts of his body, including one on the back of his head.

Previously Vera confirmed UFC exec Sean Shelby him for getting a neck tattoo.

“When I get my first neck tattoo, I got this huge gorilla, and I. I f**king like a gorilla. So I got a big gorilla, kind of like a psychedelic look, maybe on mushrooms and Sean Shelby was like, ‘You’re a f**ing idiot. That’s not coo, ‘.He honestly, I think it was just looking up to me like, kind of like protecting me like, hey, don’t do dumb s**t at this point and I get it.”

Recently, Vera shared with fans that he had gotten another tattoo. He took to his Instagram account to show off his new look. His new tattoo looks like a tiger or a panther and is inked on the back of his head, just beside the old one. However, some people fail to see the beauty in this choice.

Cormier talked about it on ESPN’s MMA DC & RC. It’s pretty clear that the 43-year-old is not a big fan of Vera’s new tattoo. He explained that he doesn’t dislike the shape, but more of the position it’s inked.

“I tap out, man. That sh*t looks terrible. I don’t understand why these dudes are putting tattoos on the head. There’s the problem. I’ve got some tattoos. I’ve got some tattoos on my arms, I’ve got some tattoos on my leg, on my back.” Cormier said.

Not just that, Cormier also added that tattoos that can’t be covered, like on the back of head, can make his life harder. Cormier showed his concern for Vera if he ever wants to pursue a career outside of the octagon, knowing very well that MMA is not a lengthy career.

“But guess what? I got tattoos that can all be covered. So if I’ve got to do a job which we do today, I have tattoos that can be covered. I don’t get stuck or pigeonholed into one place to work. Sure, you can do television and fighting. With tattoos like that, I’m not sure you can just go anywhere. So I’m tapping out.” Cormier said.