Daniel Cormier supports Jake Paul’s MMA move, calls him ‘respectful’

Jake Paul is a social media phenom and one of the rare influencers that have actually transitioned to pro boxing. He recently earned the greatest victory of his career by defeating famed MMA fighter Anderson Silva in the ring. Paul hinted at a potential transition to the octagon earlier today when he declared his signing with the PFL (Professional Fighters League) as a mixed martial artist.

Daniel Cormier recently posted a video  in which he discussed Jake Paul joining the PFL.

Cormier stated:

“Jake Paul announced today that he has signed with the PFL. Jake and I have had some run ins. When I started talking to him, and I’m messaging him, he’s a kid that’s very respectful. We had respectful conversations. We really did. We didn’t argue or fight.”

“He was a kid that he has an idea of what he wants to do. Kids today are very different, like how Adesanya would say whatever he wanted to about Jones even if he hadn’t proven the truth. That’s what kids like Jake Paul do today. He’s boisterous, verbal, and speaks big, but he’s respectful.”

Cormier continued:

“Here’s the thing about Jake Paul though, he’s from Ohio, a wrestling hotbed. Ohio has some of the best high school wrestling in the entire country. Paul was a high school wrestler and so was his brother Logan. They weren’t bad. So, although it seems as though Jake Paul does a lot of things to drum up interest, I believe this one he’ll actually fight.”

According to Cormier, the greatest surprise in the history of the sport would occur if Alex Volkanovski defeated Islam Makhachev and became a two-division champion.

“In my opinion, if Volkanovski wins this fight, it’s the biggest [upset], it’s bigger than anything we’ve seen because I’m telling you when you get into the details of this matchup it seems a very hard match for Volkanovski to win… I believe that this would be the biggest upset in MMA history.”

On February 12, Volkanovski and Makhachev will square off in the main event of UFC 284.