Dana White surprised with lavish BMW Gift from Internet Personality

Dana White found himself on the receiving end of yet another extravagant gift. After his friends, Steve Deleonadris and Taylor Lewan, gifted him $500,000 worth of casino chips during the Las Vegas GP, internet personality Razzaqlocks decided to join the generosity bandwagon. The 21-year-old influencer gifted Dana White a brand-new BMW 7 series sedan, adding to the UFC CEO’s collection of opulent presents.

Sharing the moment on his Instagram story, Dana White expressed his gratitude and showcased the sleek features of the BMW sedan gifted by Razzaqlocks. The young influencer’s gesture follows a trend of lavish gifts being presented to Dana White by the younger generation, highlighting the CEO’s influence and the admiration he commands.

In a video clip, Dana White shared his thoughts on the gift:

“There’s a kid named Razz. You see him doing a lot of prize-picks stuff. Shows up here. He buys me a 2024 BMW 760 XI. And just to give you an idea of what this car does, all you do is push a button, and then the doors open. The entire car is exactly like this. Everything you do is push buttons.”

This recent addition to Dana White’s gift collection comes shortly after Steve Deleonadris and Taylor Lewan presented him with a substantial sum of casino chips. Their goal was to turn $10,000 into half a million and gift it to the UFC CEO. Now, Razzaqlocks has further enriched Dana White’s collection with the luxurious BMW sedan.

Dana White, with an estimated net worth of around $500 million as of 2019, has been the recipient of several generous gifts from the younger generation. Notably, his close association with the Nelk Boys has led to various exchanges of lavish presents. Previously, the Nelk Boys had gifted Dana White a $300,000 Howler Head Maybach van, and in return, Dana White presented Kyle Forgeard, one of the Nelk Boys, with a gift of $250,000 on his birthday.

While these gifts may seem extravagant, Dana White’s net worth and his relationships with the younger generation have paved the way for these generous exchanges. Despite facing criticism on social media, particularly regarding UFC pay, Dana White continues to receive and share these opulent gestures from his circle.