Dana White provides context for backyard intruder bounty, explains aggravation

UFC President Dana White recently shared the details of an incident where an individual attempted to break into his vacation home in Levant, Maine. White revealed that the culprit has already been apprehended due to the extensive security measures in place at his property.

A few days ago, White’s vacation home was targeted by an unknown man who aggressively attempted to break in. White promptly took to Instagram, sharing clear images of the intruder captured by his security cameras. He offered a reward of $2,500 to anyone who could identify the culprit and reported the incident to the police.

During a press conference at Dana White’s Contender Series, White provided an update on the situation. He explained that he was informed about the incident by a person responsible for looking after the house while he was asleep.

White expressed disbelief at the intruder’s actions, considering the numerous security cameras installed around his property. He speculated that the individual may have been attempting to rob the house.

“The guy came up and tried to kick the door a couple of times and noticed that the camera was there, tried to rip it off and rang the doorbell, freaked out and ran away. My guy who handled my house called me at 4.30,” White recounted.

White revealed that he was immediately notified about the incident by his house manager, who informed him that someone had attempted to break into the house. The security footage was quickly sent to White, allowing him to identify the individual.

The UFC President further stated that the authorities swiftly apprehended the intruder just a few hours after the incident was reported. The clear security footage played a crucial role in identifying and capturing the culprit.