Dana White: PFL buying Bellator “definitely not a good thing”

Following recent news that the PFL has entered into an agreement to purchase rival MMA promotion Bellator, UFC President Dana White made clear he does not believe the consolidation is positive for the sport.

“Is that a bad thing kind of the state of—“ a reporter began asking before White interjected.

“It is a bad thing. You know? You guys ask me loaded questions. So that I will say what I wanna say,” said White.

While the UFC boss typically refrains from commenting on dealings of other promotions, he openly admitted that decreasing options is detrimental overall.

“Yes, it’s a bad thing. It’s not a good thing for there to be less options, not only for, you know, fighters of fighters, but guys who are coming up. To have less options. So, yes, it’s it’s definitely not a good thing,” White declared.

As the MMA landscape continues to experience major power shifts, the outspoken leader has emerged as the lone steady force reigning supreme at the top.

With the PFL now set to absorb the assets and fighter contracts of Bellator, White echoed previous stances longing for more competition, rather than less.

While good for his own bottom line, consolidating two top brands functionally acts as a monopoly to restrict talent options. So despite previous comments disparaging Bellator’s model, White clarified it disappearing entirely remains a disappointing outcome he believes stunts sport growth.