Dana White isn’t buying Floyd Mayweather’s confrontation with Jake Paul; ‘I thought it was a skit’

Mayweather along with his team came up on Jake Paul outside the Miami Heat vs. Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game on Wednesday night.

They exchanged words before Paul ran away from the scene, aware of the unfavorable circumstance he was in. Paul subsequently took advantage of the incident to challenge Mayweather to a match.

According to Dana White, the incident between Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul earlier this week was only a publicity gimmick.

UFC president Dana White discussed the event with TMZ Sports. He expressed his opinion that it was nothing more than a PR gimmick by the two parties to generate interest in a future bout.

White said, “I just can’t see Floyd doing that. I can’t see Floyd rolling up on somebody and doing that. It’s not Floyd’s style. It’s not really his personality. I thought it was a skit.”

“I’m not buying it. When’s the last time you saw Floyd Mayweather act like a thug and roll up on somebody with 50 people? That’s just not what Floyd does. Yeah, I’m not buying it.”

As TMZ acquired footage of the incident, sources close to Mayweather said that they were not waiting outside the stadium for Jake Paul. They happened to run into Jake Paul and Mauweather confronted him as Jake Paul had angered Mayweather by making some inappropriate comments that crossed the line.

According to a source close to Mayweather: “Jake crossed the line. This wasn’t about grabbing a hat. This was about Jake’s comments to Floyd about Floyd’s deceased family member and other below-the-belt inappropriate behavior.”