Dana White gives his take on Paul vs Diaz, chances of UFC resigning him

In a recent development that has sent ripples through the combat sports community, Dana White has provided his candid insights on the clash between Nate Diaz and Jake Paul.

As the aftermath of this exhilarating showdown continues to reverberate, White’s perspective sheds light on Diaz’s valiant effort and his aspirations for a return to the UFC.

During a press conference held on Tuesday evening, White engaged with the media following the debut episode of the highly anticipated Dana White Contender series. The discourse naturally gravitated toward Diaz’s encounter with Paul, a confrontation that culminated in Diaz conceding via unanimous decision to the social media phenomenon turned boxer.

Despite the odds stacked against him – a near-40-year-old veteran contending against an opponent four weight classes his superior in boxing and two in MMA – Diaz exhibited remarkable resilience.

The fact that he persevered to go the distance against a much younger adversary solidifies his standing as the most impressive contender in the face of such challenging circumstances. White effusively praised Diaz’s mettle and expressed his genuine elation for Diaz’s display in the ring.

“For a kid pushing forty years old, fighting a guy four weight classes bigger than him in boxing and two in MMA, and going the distance against a 20 something year old kid, so far he’s fared the best out of everybody. He looked good. I’m happy for him.”

“This will always be Nate’s house, Nate grew up here, came in on the Ultimate Fighter, he fought some of the biggest fights ever here, and we love the kid. I don’t know about fighting in the future, but this is always going to be his house, and you know we’ll see.”

While Diaz’s immediate future in the UFC remains a question mark, the significance of his presence and contributions are indelibly etched in the annals of the sport. As the reverberations of his bout against Paul continue to resound, the allure of Diaz’s potential return adds an exciting dimension to the unfolding narrative.

While White would have us believe that Diaz has no place in the UFC at 40, the promotion did just resign Sam Alvey – who hasn’t won a UFC match since 2018.

Only time will reveal whether Diaz’s aspirations for a UFC homecoming will materialize, but his legacy within the octagon and the realms of combat sports is destined to endure.