Dana White explains rules of ‘Power Slap’ in ‘the most tone deaf clip ever’

Dana White and the UFC have drawn criticism in response to the release of the video “Time to Learn the Rules of Power Slap.”

The UFC’s newest division Power Slap was introduced by Dana White late last year. However, it seems that the release of the explanatory video coincides with a recent controversial incident in which the UFC president has been involved.

On New Year’s Eve, White was seen on tape hitting his wife at a bar after a dispute. White received intense criticism and outrage when video of the event went viral online. This prompted him to issue an apology and give a news conference speech.

The UFC president’s actions went unpunished, which infuriated fans even more. However, it seems that one of the most recent social media videos of the promotion has further offended many.

The UFC released a video titled “Time to Learn the Rules of Power Slap.” Fans viewed the clip’s release to be ironic given the current developments between White and his wife.

One commenter on Twitter said: “Dana White un-ironically putting out a video explaining the rules of “Power Slap” is the most tone deaf thing I have seen in years.”


“Hearing Dana read off the rules is top-notch comedy,” one guy said.

Another commentator said: “It was really generous of Dana and his wife to demonstrate the rules of this competition for us.”

Others already declared him to be the “undisputed champion” of his new sport.

In response to criticism of his lack of punishment after the incident, White responded in a statement.

“The only thing that matters is my personal life. What else is there?”

“I told you, I was going to leave in 2016 with the sale. Could’ve sat out during COVID. What should my punishment be? And you say, ‘There’s going to be repercussions in your personal life, but none in your professional life.’ But what matters other than my personal life? Nothing. Nothing matters except for my personal life. This is great, love doing it. Don’t have to do it.”