Dana White confirms he’s interested in re-signing Costa, admits he apologized for USADA visit

Paulo Costa’s contract with the UFC might be done but both parties are certainly willing to negotiate. Costa has been vocal leading into UFC 278 about proving his worth to the promotion and Dana White.

“I told you two minutes ago, nothing but respect. nothing but respect for both of those guys tonight. And, yeah, of course we’d like to resign” White said when asked about Costa’s contract.

Paulo Costa has retaliated yelling out USADA during weigh ins – all while carrying a mock bottle of ‘secret juice’.

Juice is a well known euphemism in the world of pro grappling and lifting for – well juicing ie using PEDs.

Many pointed to a later screenshot of Dana White talking with Costa on stage as a moment White addressed his concerns.

But White even went so far as to confirm that he in fact did offer his sympathies with Costa in addition to promising to talk with USADA to prevent that kind of thing ever happening again.

“They don’t know about fighting. The way that people who know about fighting know about fighting. You don’t go in and test a guy at six in the morning when he’s cutting weight. And it’s just the result is going to be the same A few hours later. You wait. And yeah, I apologize to him on stage when he came out. And that won’t happen to another fighter again.”

As for Costa, he wasn’t sure at the presser if he was on his last bout:
“I even did, didn’t know if I have one more fight on UFC. So if I have, let’s do that, as one if not, we need sit down to see maybe, you know we have a lot. Great opportunities came up. We know the box is going very well. We have some companies doing very good shows. Even in Brazil. ”

“So we have a great opportunity you know, but UFC is a great company. I am glad to be here. But I need to see what is best for us”