Dana White company in talks to bring Slapfighting to Las Vegas

LLC run by former UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta and UFC president Dana White is considering bringing SlapFighting to Nevada.

The Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) recently provided MMA media with a copy of its October monthly meeting agenda. According to it, discussions will take place on whether “such contests or exhibitions qualify as unarmed combat … and thus fall under the jurisdiction of the Nevada Athletic commission.”

The company that approached the commission is called Schiaffo LLC. White, Fertitta, UFC COO Lawrence Epstein, and TUF producer Craig Piligian are named as the LLC’s managers in a Nevada business license search SilverFlume.

Uncertainty exists over the extent to which the promotion would depart from the standard slap-competition’s proposed ruleset.

White recently suggested that he would involve himself in a slap competition in a recent Instagram post. This is despite the fact that no UFC affiliate has made an official statement about it, past or present.

Viral videos during the COVID-19 outbreak helped slap-fighting gain popularity. Generally, two participants traditionally engaged in slapping matches while positioned within arm’s reach of one another. The two alternately wind up and use an open hand to strike their opponent in the face. In case one of the two slappers loses consciousness, spotters back them up.

SFC is maybe one of the most well-known American promotion to date. According to a promotional video on its official website, the company has held events since 2017 in “undisclosed locations” all across the nation. Punchdown is the most infamous promotion of the lot.

UFC streaming service already includes Combat jiu-jitsu, a form of jiu jitsu that includes pancreas type open fist strikes (ie slaps). This was an Eddie Bravo brain child inspired by an old bjj taparia modality. Bravo initially wanted to include upkicks into his events as well but opted not to due to the complications they would create in terms of athletic commission approvals and whatnot. He’s since switched to staging events in Mexico over California.