Czech MMA fighter Filip Grznár is on trial for his comments on the Ukraine war

Filip Grznár, an MMA fighter from Czechoslovakia, is being investigated for comments in support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

He is also accused of instigating a conflict in his own nation.

In a Facebook video that has since been removed, the 37-year-old former bodybuilder did a few questionable things. Filip Grznár stated his admiration for the violence in Ukraine in the video, then confessed he wished for a war to break out in his own country.

Filip Grznár stated in a transcription provided by Bloody Elbow:

“There is no right in a war. In a war, you can commit angry crime, which I like, it’s a dream. And only the strongest will survive. I just want there to be a war in the Czech Republic.”

” I want a war in the Czech Republic and I will do everything for it.”

Local law authorities accused him of inciting crime after he made these remarks. Filip Grznár subsequently apologized for the video, stating that he was inebriated at the time of recording.

This is not his first violation, he faces a maximum sentence of two years in jail if proven guilty.

In 2017, he was fined 15,000 Czech Korna ($642) for a YouTube video. He applauded the death of a Romani van driver in the video before threatening further violence against Romani.

Furthermore, he has been spotted wearing clothing that says things like “refugees are not welcome.”

The Czech fighter won his first MMA clash in November of last year. His professional record presently stands at one victory and two defeats.

Filip Grznár has unequivocally said that he supports Vladimir Putin’s military invasion of Ukraine. Despite the deaths and destruction of Ukrainian families, homes, and infrastructure, he wishes for a conflict in his own nation.

This is in stark contrast to many other athletes who have come out in support of peace regardless of their nationality.