Covington: Masvidal Attack was likely a Full Send Set Up

The alleged assault on Colby Covington by Jorge Masvidal outside a Miami Beach steakhouse in March 2022 continues to be a hot topic in the world of MMA.

While Covington had a lot to say about other UFC stars during UFC 286 in London, England, he remained silent about the incident, which still has active legal and civil cases pending.

The incident allegedly left Covington with “brain damage” and a broken Rolex. The big question is how Masvidal was able to track down Covington that night.

It’s been suggested that comedian and podcaster Bob Menery played a role in the incident by sending Masvidal their location.

Here, at, we reported on Menery’s involvment at the time of the incident. He appeared to post instagram stories with Covington in them.

Masvidal’s manager slammed Menery in return:

Kawa has since deleted the problematic tweet. And replaced it with a cryptic thanks.

Masvidal claimed that the confrontation was “mutual combat,” leaving the Florida court system to decide what really happened when the case is finally adjudicated later this year.

During UFC 286, Covington was asked about Menery’s role in the incident and said:

“I don’t have a relationship with Bob Menery. The only reason that I had met that guy was through the Nelk Boys, through Kyle and those guys, because I was doing the podcast with those guys. So, of course, I was hanging around the Nelk Boys and those guys, and I don’t know what to believe with that guy, I think he set me up with what happened, but I’ll let that work out the way it does.”

Menery was kicked off the Full Send podcast shortly after the incident. He responded to one of the many Instagram videos, saying, “Anything for clicks. I already addressed this. Hopefully Kyle and nelk boys one day realize how much this joke f—ed my shit up. Really disgusting act by them. Sad to see and absolute bulls—t.”

Menery explained his role in the incident on another podcast a month later, saying, “I didn’t expect — If it was at this level and I knew the fight game was this serious, I would not have posted the location. And I’ve learned from that, I’m not going to do that moving forward. I learned my lesson, that’s f—ed up, especially with these fighters.”

Kyle Forgeard, head Nelk Boy cheese, accused Menery of setting up Covington, saying, “Bob Menery actually set Colby up. I did see him texting Masvidal while we were at dinner with Colby, so now that I think about it I think something isn’t really adding up.”

Masvidal’s trial date for the alleged assault on Covington is set for May 10, 2023. As far as we know, Menery is not implicated in the case.

Menery has been ousted from the Nelk boys since due to a compensation issue.