Counting down the 5 worst UFC cornermen

Cornermen play a pivotal role in combat sports, offering crucial support and strategic insights to athletes during intense competitions. While their presence is often overlooked, their influence can significantly impact the outcome of a match. Let’s delve into the significance of cornermen and explore instances where their contributions, or lack thereof, have shaped the course of history in the UFC.

David Goggins: Motivational speaker David Goggins stepped into the role of cornerman for Tony Ferguson during a bout at UFC 296. Despite his inspirational prowess, Goggins lacked technical MMA knowledge and could only provide emotional support to Ferguson, who ultimately suffered defeat against Pimblett.

Jack Black: Renowned actor Jack Black found himself in the corner of welterweight star Stephen Thompson at UFC 296. Like Goggins, Black’s limited understanding of martial arts hindered his ability to offer effective guidance to Thompson, who succumbed to defeat against Shavkat Rakhmonov.

Mark Zuckerberg: Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg joined Alexander Volkanovski’s corner at UFC 298, despite his personal interest and practice in MMA. However, his presence failed to impact Volkanovski’s performance, leading to a devastating loss against Illia Topuria and the relinquishment of his featherweight title.

Dale Brown: Widely known for his comedic self-defense content, Dale Brown assumed the role of cornerman for Joaquin Buckley at UFC FN 201. Despite his popularity, Brown’s lack of beneficial advice did little to aid Buckley, who managed to secure victory through a split decision.

Joshua Fabia: Controversial coach Joshua Fabia’s unorthodox methods and contentious demeanor had a detrimental effect on UFC veteran Diego Sanchez’s career. Fabia’s unconventional coaching techniques and negative interactions with the MMA community contributed to Sanchez’s decline, ultimately tarnishing his once-promising trajectory in the sport.