Costa says Rockhold’s blood smear tops the list of weirdest Rockhold moments over Romero kiss

Paulo Costa and Luke Rockhold delivered a tremendous co-main event regardless of the fact that he characterized both of them by calling them ‘nutty’. Still Rockhold delivered quite an interesting bout despite losing and dropping his first decision in a decade.

He also stole Costa’s thunder by delivering one of all time cringey moments in the cage.

At the presser Costa was asked:

” What was going through your mind when you’re getting all that blood smeared on your face because it look like you’re laughing?”

To which he answered:
“man I didn’t see you the moment of the fight. I just feel felt something, I felt something on my face. You know what I was so preoccupied I was so worried with blocking his his arms do not get got well worn on the face and punched. But now when I saw- is very disgusting. Scene is very weird moment.”
” I saw the moment that Romero kissed him after he bit him as well. I was, this is the weirdest we might say weird weird moment. This beat that moment. ”

For those who dont’ remember, Romero delivered an all time WTH moment after a bout with Rockhold.

Rockhold lost to Romero via KO back in 2018, that’s what started his bad spree.

But Rockhold has always been a tad strange. Below we look over some of the oddest moments from his career.

Rockhold was featured on a reality show sometime back and there he asked a contestant about her preference during oral encounters:

Not to mention Rockhold’s awkward hand situation featuring Nate Diaz.