Cormier: There’s no Debate, Dana White was wrong for slapping his wife

Daniel Cormier has been one of the friendliest voices for the UFC for the longest time. UFC still employs Cormier as a commentator and they’re also upbeat having him collaborate with ESPN on a number of broadcasts.

Cormier and Ryan Clark recently addressed Dana White’s slapping incident on their ESPN show. This is where it’s worth noting that ESPN is a broadcasting partner of the UFC and one that has denied requests to issue a statement when the incident happened.

“Dana White was wrong and he told you he was wrong. We have long been told our entire lives that we are not supposed to put our hands on women. Dana White himself has gone on record to say you are not supposed to put your hand on women.”

“He understands that. He took accountability immediately. Now, here’s the question. And in these instances, the one thing you think about first is the family. The children and the rest of the white family and how they will get through this. But Dana is making no excuses for his actions. Right. Some fighters are trying to defend him. He doesn’t defend himself.”

“Why should anyone go to defend his action? And he is saying I was wrong. Everyone knows that is wrong. But for me, it’s what happens next. How does Dana White become a voice for trying to help people in these situations? How does he go forward and lead the charge to try to help people, to try to combat this type of situation, domestic violence and all these other things?” Cormier shared with Clark on their show.

Cormier and Clark gave White a wide berth to self police his behavior but in accepting White was wrong to have acted the way he did they already did more than many of the other voices in MMA. And that’s the scathing thing about this sport.