Controversy Surrounds UFC Newcomer Bekzat Almakhan’s MMA Record

The UFC’s latest addition, Bekzat Almakhan, faces scrutiny over discrepancies in his MMA history, casting doubt on the authenticity of his achievements. Originating from Kazakhstan, the 26-year-old contender boasts an impressive track record, with 14 victories and 1 loss since stepping into professional competition in 2016. Renowned for his dominance inside the cage, Almakhan has clinched numerous triumphs, often dispatching opponents within the opening round.

Primarily competing in Kazakhstan-based promotions, Almakhan’s stellar performances attracted the attention of the UFC, culminating in his recent contract signing. Scheduled to debut at UFC FN 238 on March 2 in the bantamweight division, Almakhan is slated to face off against Umar Nurmagomedov.

However, concerns have arisen regarding the validity of Almakhan’s professional MMA record. Jay Pettry, a Sherdog editor, recently highlighted discrepancies, revealing that some of Almakhan’s reported victories were obtained outside of MMA competition, specifically in Kazakhstan’s Zhekpe Zhek combat sport.

Zhekpe Zhek, although bearing similarities to MMA, diverges in grappling regulations and time constraints. Furthermore, participation in Zhekpe Zhek does not equate to professional accolades. Pettry underscored the challenges of record-keeping in Kazakhstan, further complicating the validation process.

Adding to the complexity is the prevalent utilization of Zhekpe Zhek as the primary combat sport for Kazakhstan promotions, often overshadowing professional MMA events. Pettry’s investigation uncovered additional unrecorded victories, raising doubts regarding the accuracy of Almakhan’s fight history.

Despite the discrepancies, Pettry affirmed that Almakhan’s impending matchup with Nurmagomedov would proceed based on his current record. However, the potential for record revision looms as scrutiny intensifies.

“Bekzat Almakhan will enter #UFCVegas87 with a 14-1 record on Fight Finder, potentially reduced to 11-1. Nevertheless, all bouts occurred, signifying legitimate competition. He remains a credible contender,” Pettry asserted.

As anticipation mounts for Almakhan’s UFC debut, revelations surrounding his contested fight history add intrigue to his emergence on the global MMA stage.