Controversy erupts as Trans Runner criticizes women’s running times despite competing against them

In a surprising turn of events, transgender medical student Kae Luci Ravichandran is facing backlash for describing her winning performance at a New York state half marathon as ’embarrassingly slow.’ Despite securing the top spot in the women’s race, Ravichandran’s comments have sparked a heated debate.

Ravichandran clinched victory at The Upstate Classic near Albany, completing the race in one hour and 24 minutes, a six-minute lead over the runner-up, Amanda Aussems. However, her self-critique post-race has drawn criticism, particularly from former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines, an outspoken critic of transgender athletes in competitive sports.

Gaines pointed out that the ‘real winner’ in the women’s category was Aussems, with a time of 1:30.39. This ignited a social media exchange, with Ravichandran defending her performance on Instagram.

The trans athlete highlighted her pre-estrogen running achievements, emphasizing a significant decrease in speed since transitioning. Ravichandran ran the race at an average pace of 6.28 minutes per mile, securing the first position in the women’s division and fourth overall.

This controversy adds fuel to the ongoing debate about the inclusion of transgender athletes in competitive sports. Despite Ravichandran’s victory, the scrutiny surrounding her comments reflects the broader challenges faced by trans individuals in sports and the complexities of navigating public opinions on athletic performance post-transition.

Ravichandran took to her Instagram story to respond to Gaines, Fox News reports.

‘This is so dumb, I ran a 71-minute half marathon pre-estrogen, less than two weeks after a marathon.’

‘For this totally fresh half, I ran 84 minutes. I’ve become way slower – like 18%, my body is physiologically a woman’s body now.’

‘Yet they still don’t want me competing. It’s clear that they just don’t want trans people in sports in general, and they actually don’t care about biology.’

‘I need to remind myself that these people have nothing better to do with their lives and spend all their energy being bigots.’