Conor McGregor’s had an intense reaction to an obsessed fan’s email

Outside of the Octagon and inside of it, Conor McGregor has accomplished many wonderful things. However, he has also been a part of countless weird events that have occurred both inside and outside of the cage.

An astonished McGregor read aloud an email from a highly devoted fan who has followed him constantly in a newly discovered tape.

The email itself is somewhat scary to hear. The fan claims to have a very close connection with the Irishman in the email, which is so weird that it shocked and made him chuckle because of its peculiarity.

The supporter had written the Irishman the following through email: “What’s going on here?

“I feel like we have been sharing this love online and elsewhere.

“I see us having a number of children: Ella, Shannon, Connor, Hugh, Michael, James, Sheamus are some names I have in mind.”

McGregor replied to his buddies after reading the email, saying: “Now, I have not written back to this crazy b**** once.

“She keeps on sending emails, emails, emails like big detailed ones like that naming the kids and everything. It’s f***** up, innit?”

Given that McGregor is married to and has spent the entirety of his life with Dee Devlin, the obsessive fan’s email is quite strange.

She and McGregor have been dating since 2008 and were both born in the same neighborhood. She saw his development from a little child to a guy who greatly influenced the UFC. Conor Jr., Croia, and Ran are the three children they have as well.

Even though McGregor already has a kid with Devlin, the fan continues by saying she sees the two having children together. This is even more difficult to understand since the email is so personal in nature and McGregor already has a family.

However, it raises questions about how enamored she really is with him, given the fan’s repeated communications.