Conor McGregor’s Coach slams ‘Real Fans’ because Jake Paul makes more money from combat sports

On Sunday, Jake Paul suffered the first boxing defeat of his career. He boxed through all eight rounds but lost to Tommy Fury through a split decision.

Following their bout, both boxers received hefty payouts. Paul even bragged online he stands to make $30 million. FIt was also revealed that it’s estimated the event did 500k PPV buys.

However, Conor McGregor’s trainer John Kavanagh doesn’t seem too pleased about people backing this event.


Combat sports personalities praised Jake Paul highly for his performance against an actual boxer.

According to reports, Jake Paul received 65% of the pay-per-view revenue. He claimed that the match brought in over $30 million. Even though Tommy Fury won, he only made an estimated $4.5 million.

Kavanagh recently responded through Twitter to reports that Jake Paul and Tommy Fury made millions of dollars from their bout in Saudi Arabia.

He discussed how casual viewers are not spending enough money on professional bouts and are instead spending money on social media personalities.

Kavanagh stated: “Casual fans are more interested in story lines over skills. They tend to buy tickets, ppvs and merchandise. This is why influencers make more money than highly skilled pros.”

He continued to blame streaming for the issues – conveniently forgetting about the fact that UFC pretty much eliminated the PPV factor from the equation thanks to the ESPN deal. UFC’s parent company CEO previously bragged how he removed all the variability from the business.

A recent earnings call revealed UFC led sports properties of Endeavor made roughly $200 million more in 2022 than either 2021 or 2020. To boot, the spending on events is down.

Direct operating costs has gone down as a share of revenue. The likely reason: “The increase is due to the change in revenue described above partially offset by lower athlete costs for UFC.”