Conor McGregor’s alleged yacht assault victim drops lawsuit

According to reports, a Spanish court is looking into claims that Conor McGregor assaulted a woman during a party on his yacht on July 17, 2022.

The woman says McGregor attacked and kicked her, and then threatened to drown her. However, McGregor vehemently denies all of these allegations.

The accuser Samantha Murphy alleges that the Irishman kicked her in the stomach and hit her in the chin. She also said that a Red Cross ship eventually saved her after she was forced to leap overboard.

According to the Irish media outlet Independent, Murphy has apparently dropped her civil action lawsuit against McGregor.

Samantha Murphy filed an appeal to terminate the complaint earlier this week, one month after it was first filed. Murphy’s attorney Alvaro Blasco could only confirm that a notice of discontinuance had been sent. He also said that he planned to request the case be dismissed.

Murphy had asked the High Court to issue an order requiring the former UFC champion to keep any CCTV and camera phone video evidence related to the alleged incident. Unfortunately, the processing of this application will no longer continue.

According to The Irish Mirror, the Gardai are investigating a break-in at a residential property in Drimnagh, Dublin 12. A brick was thrown through a window at around 5:20 am on February 15, 2023. Thankfully, no injuries were reported. However, this incident is not the first at the same location.

On January 19, 2023, there was an attempted arson at the same property. It’s worth noting that neither of these incidents has been linked to the allegations made by Murphy against McGregor.

Prior to these incidents in which Murphy’s properties were damaged, there were fan conspiracy theories floating around that Conor McGregor was faking his bike crash account in order to speed up the news cycle change.

Either way, McGregor is in Las Vegas currently, prepping to shoot TUF season 31. He was spotted in the company of Stephen Wonderboy Thompson earlier yesterday, Thompson will be presumably helping McGregor coach.