Conor McGregor trolled online after he showcases more signs of PED use, up close

MMA star Conor McGregor recently took to his Twitter account to post a close-up selfie. Fans were quick to jump to the reply section to roast the Irishman.

Conor McGregor hasn’t appeared inside the octagon since June last year. Last time he shared a cage with Dustin Poirier in their trilogy and lost due to a leg injury. The 33-year-old had been in recovery and has now fully healed.

McGregor also looked substantially bigger compared to his last appearance last year. The Irish athlete was planning to move up to welterweight but it’s unclear if that’s a real aspiration or just a ploy to stay in the headlines.


Even though he hasn’t competed for over a year, ‘The Notorious’ keeps in touch with fans through his social media, especially Twitter.

Recently, McGregor posted a close-up selfie with only an emoticon on the caption. The former two division champion can be seen topless contorting his mouth while staring straight to the camera.

However, one unusual thing can be seen on his head. His hairline appeares to be a bit thinner than usual. Fans were quick to make fun of him and one of them assumed that McGregor must be undergoing TRT.

“TRT making his receding hairline worse. Incoming, Baldy McGreggor.” – one fan writes.

This isn’t the first time McGregor is combating PED rumors. For one, McGregor appears to be absent from the USADA pool – ie he isn’t tested for PEDs and hasn’t been tested at all this year.

Screenshot from USADA website showing results when an athlete underwent testing in 2022
Screenshot from USADA website showing results when an athlete underwent testing in 2022
Screenshot from USADA website showing no results for McGregor - ie he hasn't undergone testing in 2022
Screenshot from USADA website showing no results for McGregor – ie he hasn’t undergone testing in 2022


McGregor  is likely ‘retired’  from the USADA pool. In reality, retiring means withdrawing from the USADA pool which has its advantages – for one you’d be free to take whatever you want and recover from injuries.

But while we’re all more or less aware that McGregor is now tripled in size – many of us haven’t noticed some tell tale signs of PED abuse.

McGregor’s hair is often scrutinized with the Irish Sports star showing thinning hair on the crown of his head in addition to the new thinning hairline.

While the loss of hair isn’t necessarily very damning – and goes along with aging most of the time the suspicious looking stomach bumps might be something worth a 2nd look.

A well respected doping expert – Derek of More Plates More Dates fame, recently addressed McGregor’s miraculous ‘gain’ and analyzed some of the evidence surrounding his transformation from walking around at 170lbs to significantly bigger.

“He’s in his mid 30s. This is not uncommon to see hair loss occurring. And you know, maybe he’s not on medication for it, maybe he’s just, you know, thinks he’s genetically f***ing immaculate. A lot of times guys just don’t even notice how bad it’s getting up here because you can’t actually really see it while you’re styling your hair you notice, oftentimes, like by accident when you see a picture, like I wouldn’t be surprised of him noticing it for the first time. ”

“Yeah, it’s a telltale of, you know, enhanced androgenic activity, but it’s also a progressively occurring thing with natural hormones. So I’m not like, to me, this isn’t the red flag.”

As for McGregor’s stomach acne, Derek added:
“but it’s not, you know, something that is indicative, like, Yup, he’s definitely on the f***ing sauce train, and then a few pimples. It’s like, come on, bro. It’s not like he exploded an acne necessarily. So that is a bit of a reach, in my opinion, although, you know, I understand it gets people talking. ”

“Either way, this guy is like, nine to 12 months almost have no no testing whatsoever, no scrutiny.”

“Now, there’s obviously talks of him getting back in the ring and there is you know, definitely just cause to have them be subjected to random testing. So it’s kind of odd to me how that he’s exempt from this right now. And it’s also coincidental that the guy is packed on 32 pounds of muscle during this time.”

McGregor’s agent, Tim Simpson said that McGregor will be making a return recently

“No, it fits perfectly, it fits perfectly. We are still on track for a big return next year. So, yeah this fits perfectly in the meantime. His leg is still healing and needs a little bit more time to go on but he has been training, like a madman. Twice a day.” Simpson said.

“Acting wasn’t something that I think Conor had at the very front of his mind right now. ..But, as the injury continues to heal and he continues to prepare for a comeback, the timing worked well. So, great opportunity there to do a big Hollywood blockbuster in the meantime and he is going to kill it. It’s a fun little venture and then switching back to climbing the mountain again.” Simpson told MMA Junkie.