Conor McGregor teases acting return, confirms interest in competing in MMA twice in 2024

Conor McGregor was recently asked about his future plans in Hollywood after making his acting debut in the upcoming movie “Road House” remake.

In an interview, McGregor revealed that he initially expected a short cameo role similar to Post Malone’s appearance in the film. However, the filmmakers kept adding more scenes for McGregor, hinting at a potentially larger role for him in future projects.

Without spoiling the details, McGregor teased, “There’s potentially an opportunity maybe for something down the line.”

Despite his newfound acting experience, McGregor’s primary focus remains on his UFC  career. He expressed his eagerness to book a retrurn date and compete at least twice before the end of 2024.

“Right now, I’ve got the promotional work here. I’ve got St. Patrick’s week, St. Patrick’s month, we like to celebrate it in Ireland. And I’m going to enjoy myself. And after that, hopefully, I get a fight date booked, and I’m looking to compete a couple of times by the end of the year. I’d love two fights in by the end of the year,” McGregor stated.

Reflecting on his Hollywood debut, McGregor described it as “one hell of an experience” and mentioned meeting many great friends throughout the process. However, he remains cautious about committing to future acting roles until he sees the public’s reaction to his performance in “Road House.”

“I said to myself, I’ll wait until, when people ask me, will I do it again? People say, I said to myself, I’ll wait until I see how the reaction is and what way I feel about it. And then I’ll make a decision,” McGregor explained.

While McGregor expressed gratitude for the opportunity to act in “Road House,” he made it clear that his primary game inside the octagon is far from over, emphasizing his eagerness to return to mixed martial arts competition.

As fans eagerly await the release of “Road House” and McGregor’s acting debut, the UFC superstar remains focused on his fighting career, leaving the door open for potential future acting roles based on the public’s response.