Conor McGregor set to make movie debut in ‘Road House’ remake

Former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor is finally putting his Hollywood connections to work.

UFC had been purchased by one of Hollywood’s top agencies in 2016. The acquisition was later finalized totaling close to 6 billion. This effectively meant that WME or Endeavor as it’s now called would be running the show.

Endeavor had attempted to make a number of UFC stars into movie stars. Notably there was a Ronda Rousey appearance on Entourage movie. This was followed by a number of lesser known roles due to her inability to act.

In addition to Rousey, Endeavor had provided the acting opportunities for Georges St Pierre, Michael Bisping and more.

Conor McGregor was previously booked to appear in a sequel of a 2000s classic Vin Diesel action movie however he opted to back out in the fall out from the surprising Nate Diaz loss at the time.

There isn’t much that Conor McGregor hasn’t achieved in his amazing career. He has gone from a young boxer and plumbing apprentice to a worldwide sensation and mixed martial arts champion.

But the movie business is one significant area that he has yet to conquer. After today’s statement, that seems to be about to change.

According to an announcement made on Twitter by Amazon Studios, the Irishman has been cast in a prominent role opposite famous actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake is widely known for his work in the Spider-Man trilogy, Source Code, and The Day After Tomorrow.

According to the plot summary:

“A legendary bouncer comes to restore order at a notorious bar but runs afoul of a ruthless crime boss who controls the town. The stage is set for an action-packed showdown.”

McGregor has a long list of successful business endeavors under his belt – which made him highest paid sports star according to Forbes, last year.

It’s very interesting that McGregor would be cast in the movie considering how Hollywood is ‘woke’ and especially in light of McGregor’s sketchy history.

McGregor was accused of sexual assault stemming from an incident at a pub in December of 2018. The criminal case has since been dismissed but the civil case is still ongoing. Back in March, the alleged victim was granted access to the evidence from the criminal investigation –

The judge ordered gardaí to provide the plaintiff with the discovery of certain materials. Under the terms of the order the gardaí are to disclose any statements given to them by the defendants and any witnesses or persons while they investigated the alleged 2018 incident.

The gardaí must also disclose any CCTV stills or photographs taken from various locations in Dublin including the exterior of the Goat Bar and Grill, Gerard Paul Salon in Goatstown, from an in-taxi camera, and from the Beacon Hotel and its surroundings taken between the evening of December 8th and 8am on 10th December 2018.

McGregor’s publicist Karen Kessler issued a statement shortly after he announced his foray into acting. She expressed his pleasure at the new chance but reaffirmed that fighting remained his only priority.

According to the release:

“Conor McGregor is very excited to expand his storied career to Hollywood and join Jake Gyllenhaal in this reimagining of ‘Road House’, a beloved classic. While fighting remains his top focus, this is the beginning of another successful venture in the McGregor empire. He is eager to start filming.”

McGregor hasn’t had as much luck in the ring lately. He lost consecutive bouts against Dustin Poirier in 2021, the second of which required surgery for a fractured leg. Given that the most recent rumors indicated he would not return until the beginning of 2023, it’s not unexpected to see McGregor adding to his skill set while still out of work.