Conor McGregor roasts True Geordie in hilarious voice note after TG suggests he’s in ‘worrying’ condition

Popular UFC icon Conor McGregor has unleashed a fiery response directed at True Geordie, a combat sports pundit. In a voice note posted on Twitter, McGregor passionately advised the media personality to refrain from mentioning his name. This outburst followed True Geordie’s video regarding McGregor’s conduct during interviews.

Reacting to True Geordie’s remarks, McGregor did not hold back and delivered a profanity-laden response. He questioned True Geordie’s relevance, hurling insults and ridiculing his appearance.

McGregor said in the voice note: “Who the f*** are you? You little burns victim-looking thing. F*** me, man, who scolded you with a kettle? You fat f***! You little feminine p**** of a thing. I f*** p****, yeah.”

“Keep my name out your mouth you stupid c***. I’m, sick of seeing your fat, burnt face. Fat oestrogen head. Oh my god, you can’t understand what I’m saying?”

“You’ve got subtitles under the f***ing thing saying exactly what I’m saying. So, what are you saying? You little fat no-name.”


Since then, McGregor has removed the post and blocked True Geordie on Twitter.

The confrontation unfolded after True Geordie (whose real name is Brian Davis voiced his concerns about Conor McGregor. In the original video, Davis suggested that McGregor has a problem and insinuated potential issues with d**g use.

He expressed his belief that McGregor’s behavior and speech patterns have drastically changed, hinting that this shift may be attributed to a possible leg injury or an escalation in drug consumption.

He said: “Conor McGregor, I think, has a problem. The guy is not making any f***ing sense.”

“I don’t know if this is related to his bad leg break or more and more drug use because the more you take it the more you need, because he’s a far cry from the man who gave this interview. This brilliant speaker of a man, it’s not even recognizable. That’s when those close to you need to step in and say ‘enough’s enough man, what the f*** are you doing?”

In the past, True Geordie faced similar backlash during an interview with the renowned boxer Tyson Fury. After criticizing Fury’s trilogy bout with Derek Chisora, Fury was furious and told him to “suck a d***” before abruptly ending the call.

In light of the escalating conflict, True Geordie posted McGregor and Fury’s names together with ticks. He then wrote, “Who will be next.” Now it remains to be seen who will be the next target of his criticism.