Conor McGregor responds to cringey chest rubbing scene featured at UFC 285

Conor McGregor’s presence at UFC 285 was a thrilling moment for many MMA fans. However, during the live broadcast, when the cameras panned on him, his fiance Dee Devlin was seen leaning forward and rubbing his chest, which left many viewers baffled.

Celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor were present at the event to promote their upcoming movie, a remake of the classic film ‘Road House.’ The duo received a thunderous round of applause when they appeared on the stadium’s big screen.

However, McGregor’s wife’s actions became the talk of the town, with many people questioning the nature of her actions. Although the couple is engaged, some viewers found her gesture towards her fiance a little strange.

Some comments on McGregor’s Instagram post expressed their confusion, with one user commenting, “Why is she rubbing him like that? Strange.” Another comment read, “What is she doing?”.

“Massage thru silk,” McGregor said of her moves.

Despite the criticism, many fans came forward to support Dee Devlin, with some describing her as “the secret ingredient” in McGregor’s success.

One fan even stated that “Wife we all deserve,” indicating that Devlin’s support was necessary for McGregor’s career.

It’s worth noting that McGregor is in Las Vegas filming TUF reality TV show and is set to face Michael Chandler later this year. He also made an unexpected appearance at the UFC 285 weigh-ins, where he promoted his upcoming movie with Gyllenhaal.

While McGregor’s wife’s actions might have seemed strange to some viewers, it’s essential to remember that their relationship is theirs alone.