Conor McGregor releases sparring footage ahead of Michael Chandler fight and fans are all saying the same thing

Conor McGregor has uploaded a sparring video of him and UFC fans all agree with their judgement of his skill level.

The former two-weight champion will face Michael Chandler in his comeback fight inside the Octagon. McGregor had injured his leg earlier in the trilogy with Dustin Poirier.

Chandler and McGregor are both coaches on the 31st season of TUF. At the end of the season, both of them will compete against one other.

McGregor has bulked up since his injury and wants the bout to happen at welterweight. His body has gone through a significant transformation recently. This has caused some to speculate that he may have been using steroids, something McGregor has vehemently denied.

McGregor posted a video of himself training with members of his Ultimate Fighter squad at the UFC Apex facility in Las Vegas.

The 34-year-old exchanged blows with other combatants while wearing red shorts and headgear. While his striking has always been powerful, many fans believe the increased weight made him seem somewhat lethargic and slow.

Some of the comments were as follows:

“You have slowed a bit. Your speed looks compromised.”

“You’ve lost some pop.”

“Why do you still look so stiff though?”

“Sorry mate you’re too stiff now. All that buffness.”

“Too slow, the weight he is carrying, maybe when drops a few pounds he might be quicker”.

The match between McGregor and Chandler is not fixed yet since USADA has said that McGregor must spend six months in their testing pool before he can compete. McGregor got angry and said that the agency was making it seem like McGregor was “lying”. However, his opponent Michael Chandler defended him.

In a recent Q&A, Chandler said: “Not to mention the fact that dude doesn’t want to fight at featherweight or lightweight anymore. He wants to go up to welterweight so he’s gotten bigger.”

“But yes, he passed the test because I would never accuse somebody unless I saw them stick a needle in their body or take a pill.”