Conor McGregor posts his audition for “C*caine Bear 2” via a voice note

Conor McGregor has sparked speculation about his next acting endeavor with a cryptic message shared on social media. In a peculiar voice note posted on X (Twitter) the previous night, McGregor teased his potential involvement in “C*caine Bear 2” with a distinctive line: “Where the fk is my c*caine you f*ing stupid bear?”

While McGregor’s foray into Twitter’s voice notes isn’t unprecedented, his recent post has garnered significant attention, especially considering the dedicated page on the app showcasing his online musings. Although the original C*caine Bear post was swiftly removed after being uploaded, numerous users managed to screen record and reshare it across platforms.

For those unfamiliar with the context, “C*caine Bear” refers to a film released in 2023, an American comedy horror based on a true story involving a bear named Pablo Eskobear, who inadvertently ingested a substantial amount of lost c*caine. Despite receiving mixed reviews, McGregor’s brief audition for the sequel has piqued interest among fans, with many expressing enthusiasm for seeing him in the film.

Some Twitter users humorously suggested McGregor could portray the bear itself, while others jokingly proposed a fight between McGregor and the fictional character. Amidst the buzz surrounding McGregor’s potential acting gig, discussions about his return to the UFC ring have also resurfaced, particularly regarding a rumored matchup against former Bellator star Michael Chandler.

Reflecting on his recent acting experiences, McGregor emphasized the challenges of the craft compared to his MMA career, citing the demanding nature of memorizing lines, timing, and interacting with co-stars. Despite his dedication to the fight business, McGregor acknowledged missed opportunities in the entertainment industry, including a potential role in the popular TV series “Vikings.”

Ultimately it seems that McGregor is playing into the rumors that he himself parties.