Conor McGregor laments UFC’s stalling tactics, admits he’s lost motivation

MMA icon Conor McGregor has kept fans on their toes regarding his return to the octagon. Speculations have been rife about his next opponent and the anticipated date of his comeback.

McGregor’s comeback has been a subject of intense speculation for nearly a year now. Following his stint on TUF reality show last year, fans anticipated a showdown with Michael Chandler. But despite the conclusion of the series, the much-awaited bout is yet to materialize. McGregor’s interest in facing Chandler seems to have waned over time.

In a recent interview on TheMacLife , McGregor hinted at the possibility of seeking a new opponent. He expressed frustration over the prolonged delays, revealing that multiple potential dates had been proposed. But the dates have been pushed back, leading to a loss of motivation in his training regimen.

McGregor said: “I had a camp in Cannes, I had a camp in Dubai where I was hoping for a December date, then a January date. Then it keeps getting pushed back, then I lose interest and stop full training for a while.”

At the conclusion of the interview, McGregor said he will head back to training camp after completing his promotional work. McGregor is now promoting his upcoming film “Roadhouse” at a number of events. However, fans disregarded McGregor’s intentions to rejoin the UFC right away.

Some of the comments are as follows:

“Chandler ain’t ever gettin this fight man.”

“He’s never fighting again.”

“Dana clearly holding him out for some reason.”

“not gonna fight again.”

Despite his commitments outside the realm of MMA, McGregor remains resolute in his desire to step back into the octagon.

McGregor has outlined a tentative timeline for his UFC return. Initially slated to face Chandler immediately after TUF, McGregor’s plans were derailed by a series of delays. However, he remains steadfast in his determination to make a comeback. He wants to return to the Octagon on UFC 303, scheduled for June 29th of this year.