Conor McGregor and Tony Ferguson banter on twitter with McGregor calling Ferguson ‘sad and broke’

UFC star Conor McGregor recently had a hilarious exchange with longtime UFC fan-favorite Tony Ferguson. McGregor reacted to Ferguson’s animation and insulted him.

Conor McGregor and Tony Ferguson have a bit of rivalry between them. The pair never went toe-to-toe in the octagon, but they shared similar sturdiness and were often involved in online banter.

In the recent altercation, Tony Ferguson was the one who started it. “El Cucuy” took to his Twitter account to post an absurd animation video. The low-budget animation displayed himself and McGregor in the octagon. The pair scuffle with Feguson coming out as the winner after knocking out McGregor with a flying knee.

“Guess What Day It Is!?! It’s Mcnugget Monday MF’as!!! “Bet’cha Jolly Ol’ Mcnacker Is Still Lookin’ For His Sauce *mack* Remember Crew Keep Your Stick On The Ice & Don’Let’Chur Meat Loaf – Champ -CSO- Season’s Beatings & # Jingle # Nah Mean.” Ferguson wrote his usual absurd caption.

McGregor found the video to be funny. But, also took the opportunity to hurl several insults at Ferguson.

“Hahahaaha I look at this and think what the actual f**k is my life on here…jolly ol mcnacker hahahaah ah stop man…well sure look, at least I’m rockin round jolly anyway ye little sad broke tick hahahaha.” McGregor retweeted.

Ferguson is not new when it comes to posting hilarious videos like this. Prior to this, the 38-year-old posted a hilarious animation video of him sharpening his elbow and slashed McGregor into pieces. He also posted a similar video to insult his nemesis Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Both McGregor and Ferguson are experiencing a downturn in their respective MMA careers. Ferguson suffered 5 consecutive losses since his loss to Gaethje in 2020. McGregor lost back-to-back against Dustin Poirier with his latest match being in July last year.