Conor McGregor: Khamzat Chimaev should have been axed from UFC 279

Khamzat Chimaev should have been removed from UFC 279, according to Conor McGregor. Chimaev started “smirking” as he failed to make weight before getting himself into a “more favorable match up.”

Nate Diaz and Chimaev were scheduled to compete in the main event in Las Vegas  this past weekend. However, the undefeated welterweight stepped on the scales about eight pounds overweight.

It compelled UFC president Dana White to make a hasty lineup change, with Diaz now facing Tony Ferguson.

Chimaev was matched up against Kevin Holland, and his opponent Daniel Rodriguez was now facing Li Jingiliang.

The fact that Chimaev was unable to make weight has ruffled a lot of feathers with Dana White implying Chimaev should be thinking about a middleweight switch.

Dana White was peculiarly enthusiastic about Khamzat despite both the weight miss and the cancelled presser.

“He’s an absolute f**king freak of nature. “

“That’s a problem that he missed weight. We got to we got to look at it and figure it out. And, you know, what makes sense is for him to be at 180lbs So we’ll see”

His behavior on the scales demonstrated that he was unconcerned about interfering with the event.

Because of this, McGregor feels that Chimaev should’ve been punished by not allowing him to compete.

The Irishman said on Twitter:

“My opinion they should have pulled Khamzat from the card entirely. Reconfiguring bouts, and with a more favourable bout for the failed cutter, will only make many others in the game follow suit. “

“The smirks on the scale where enough for me. Pull from the card and starve. McG UFC.”


While many things could be said of Conor McGregor, he’s always made weight. This is in part due to the fact that he kept moving up and up – he was once the featherweight champion (145lbs) but weighed in at 170 lbs for his last 5 or so.

McGregor’s opinion is interesting but is likely far from the truth, Chimaev reportedly offered Diaz his ENTIRE purse to keep the main event from getting cancelled.

“I was mad as well, I was thinking what was going to happen. I wanted to fight Diaz, I said I didn’t care about my money, I said give all my money to that guy and let him just fight with me. He was talking about being a gangster, but he shouldn’t care about the weight. I wanted to fight him all along. Diaz has to thank god that he didn’t fight me.”