Conor McGregor isn’t happy about the lack of editorial control over McGregor Forever

Former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor recently shared his candid thoughts on his latest Netflix documentary and the creative process involved. While expressing his overall appreciation for the documentary titled ‘McGregor Forever’, McGregor revealed his discontent with not having complete creative control over his own story.

In an interview with Ariel Helwani on Matchroom Boxing’s YouTube channel, McGregor expressed his desire to add his personal touch and magic to the documentary. Despite his dissatisfaction, McGregor emphasized his love for the story and expressed his continued satisfaction with the final product available on Netflix.

As the creator of his own story, McGregor felt that he should have had a say in shaping the narrative.

“I was watching the documentary the other night…I didn’t have creative control of it, I’m the creator so I wasn’t necessarily happy. I love the story, I wouldn’t change it but I would add my magic.”

“And the fact that my adding of the magic was kind of torn away when it was not supposed to be. I felt a bit led into it to be honest. I’m happy with how it went, it is what it is and onwards we go, that’s another one.”

While McGregor is often seen in the limelight promoting his matches, the documentary provided fans with a glimpse into the more personal and challenging aspects of his journey.

In addition to discussing his documentary, Conor McGregor also weighed in on Francis Ngannou’s recent deal with the PFL. The deal includes several matches as well as his appointment as the Chairman of PFL Africa.

McGregor expressed his happiness for Ngannou’s achievement, acknowledging his success in securing a lucrative deal. However, McGregor questioned the potential of opponents Ngannou would face in the PFL.

McGregor stated: “I’m happy for Francis [Ngannou] first of all, fair play…he done his thing. I still think he should’ve came to a resolution with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Who is he gonna fight? Who is he gonna fight that’s gonna capture the general public? There’s no one.”