Conor McGregor Exploits 9/11 – Uses Tragedy to Promote His Whisky

Conor McGregor recently flew into New York. The Irish Sports Star took the occasion when he was flying in to acknowledge the tragedy – and score some literal money while he’s at it.

McGregor was seen on a private jet initially pouring 4 glasses of proper 12  – presumably for the passengers of the jet – to commemorate victims of the 9/11 tragedy.

In the instagram video McGregor says:

“We’re flying into New York City, here, tonight, on the 20 year anniversary of 9/11 and the – I just wanted to pour around this glass of Proper 12 in remembrance for people. Twenty years ago they lost their lives – for the people that fought to save lives, for the many families that were impacted and are still impacted by this – I wanted to say – may we never forget. And I want to even say on the 20th anniversary that we all collectively renew the pact to never forget. Alright so. God Bless.”

McGregor has been recovering in Los Angeles from the catastrophic leg break he suffered in the trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier in recent months, before jetting to New York.

Recently, McGregor attended the Video Music Awards where he managed to get into a scuffle with Machine Gun Kelly – a musician.

McGregor also followed that up with another promotional post.


Recently Michael Bisping questioned Conor’s tiff with Machine Gun Kelly saying that he recognized the glossed over look on McGregor and that he was likely on a large amount of pain killers.

“I have been there,” Bisping stated in his… “Do You Imagine Me” podcast. “I imply, I did not do this on the MTV f*cking music awards. What I imply is I’ve had surgical procedure, and the remedy they’re supplying you with, you are dropping your thoughts. I believe lots of it (Sunday) was as a result of he was loopy, on the painkillers as a result of that is the way it goes.

“They make you very f*cking antsy, very erratic, very indignant. Me and Callum, Callum is the calmest boy ever. Callum argued with every thing I stated when he had surgical procedure. They make you want that. I have no idea. I am not making excuses for him, however simply from what I noticed I believed, ‘Yeah, I’ve had that feeling earlier than.’”