Conor McGregor criticized for partying with famous rapper ahead of UFC return

Fans have criticized Conor McGregor for partying instead of training since it was just revealed he’s coming back to UFC  against Michael Chandler following a stint on TUF.

Conor McGregor recently shared images of himself hanging out with musician Chris Brown.

The Irishman hasn’t competed since breaking his leg in a horrific loss to Dustin Poirier in July 2021. However, he’s been sure to enjoy himself ever since and has been often seen partying.

McGregor has been partying with several A-list celebrities, and his most recent photos show him partying with musician Chris Brown. The Irishman is spotted enjoying a cigar along with members of their entourage.

As soon as the newest photographs surfaced, a number of fans were eager to heap criticism on McGregor.

“Conor, as long as you have money your ‘friends’ are around. no money, no friends. Party less, spend more time with your family!”

“Love it! Imagining the three of you guys in a club is like a wild f***ing movie.”

According to UFC icon Michael Bisping: “If McGregor gets it done, will we see him fight for the title next? That is a given. That is 100 percent. Regardless of whatever you think, he’s the biggest star of the sport.”

“He’s a former two-weight division champion, and he’s a person that people want to see fight. So if he goes out there and beats Michael Chandler, I’ll be honest: I’ll have no problem with him fighting for the belt.”