Conor McGregor based? MMA superstar comes out against stars betting their purse

Betting your entire purse might sound like a bold and daring move, but Conor McGregor thinks it’s simply not worth the risk. He has criticized the idea of combatants betting their whole purse against each other.

The Irish MMA icon claims that those who step into the ring or octagon deserve to keep their hard-earned money, regardless of the outcome.

Recently, Gervonta Davis and streamer Kai Cenat were speaking on Instagram Live when Garcia entered the stream from his vehicle. They two then traded a series of insults before challenging each other to bet their entire purse on their upcoming match.

McGregor took aim at this type of betting, stating that it’s all part of the show and never actually happens anyway.

Luck plays a significant role in bouts, and McGregor believes that it’s unfair to risk someone’s livelihood based on the outcome of a single match. Instead, McGregor advocates for competitors to train hard, earn their money, and enjoy it.

Additionally, one MMA fan dared to ask McGregor to do that kind of wager with Michael Chandler before their match this year. McGregor said that he would not be doing that and gave a rational reason for that.

The idea of betting your entire purse might be tempting, but McGregor pointed out that it’s not feasible for everyone. He also added that he earns substantially more than anyone else on the roster combined, and even he wouldn’t risk it all.

McGregor replied through a tweet:

McGregor further states that with time, competitors need to think about their future and their loved ones. Seems like McGregor’s position on this matter is reasonable.

This particular fad could be traced back to Jake Paul antics. Paul consistently tries to outdo his performances and had everything from tattoo his name bet with Woodley, to demanding Fury change his name if he loses.