Conor McGregor triggers Canelo Alvarez with boxing comments

UFC superstar Conor McGregor has expressed his eagerness to get back into the boxing world and square off against boxing champion Canelo Alvarez in what could be a momentous showdown.

This desire has sparked a war of words between the two competitors, with Canelo boldly asserting his ability to defeat McGregor using just one hand.

McGregor responded by suggesting he could emerge victorious in a match against Alvarez even without the use of his hands. McGregor’s remark caused a flurry of laughter among combat sports fans.

On Twitter, fans shared their predictions and opinions regarding the potential bout.

According to a prediction made by Twitter user @cryptopainzy, McGregor will be knocked down in one round:

Another user by the name of @CaponeOfFamilia joined the conversation by expressing skepticism about McGregor’s ability to maintain balance without his arms.

A fan seemed to be excited about the matchup. She declared her admiration for both fighters but firmly believed that Canelo Alvarez would emerge victorious and tweeted:

A fan seemed to be upset about the absence of details regarding McGregor’s next match:


Dana White recently got called out for the comments he made regarding McGregor’s infamous venture into boxing. White claimed that UFC cut a check to Mayweather – while their involvement was a lot different.

“You didn’t pay Floyd anything. Like I said on Monday, all you did was say, ‘Alright, Conor, we’ll cut a deal with you so you can go out and do this fight on Showtime with Mayweather promotions and all this stuff.’ You didn’t cut Floyd no checks. You didn’t make the deal with Floyd. You were on the other side of the equation.”

Helwani then went on to add: “This is hypocrisy, this is wishy-washyness, this is lies, this is revisionist history. They didn’t make no deal with Floyd. What are you talking about?… If you think they were cutting Floyd a check on August of 2017, I got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.”