Comedian Shane Gillis talks Nate Diaz; says almost won $11k betting on him

Stand-up comedian  Shane Gillis won a $10,000 bet on Nate Diaz. However, Gillis couldn’t take the money from his bank.

UFC welterweight Nate Diaz took on Tony Ferguson and headlined UFC 279 in September. Both fan-favorite athletes suffered many losses prior to this showdown. Ferguson suffered four consecutive losses including a brutal knockout against Chandler in lead up to event.

Meanwhile, Nate Diaz suffered consecutive losses against Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards.. Despite Diaz star power, he entered the octagon as an underdog against Tony Ferguson.

However, Diaz surprised fans yet again. He slightly dominated Ferguson leading into the fourth round where he locked a guillotine choke and submitted Ferguson. With this, the Stockton native finished out his contract with the UFC and walked out with a victory.

Famous comedian Shane Gillis is among the few people who have faith in Nate Diaz. During his recent appearance on the FLAGRANT podcast with Andrew Schulz, Gillis explained how the bank wouldn’t allow him to cash out the profits.

“In Vegas I tried to put $10,000 on f**king Diaz. He won and my bank was like, ‘You can’t just take $10,000.’ He [Diaz] was a slight underdog. Probably [would’ve made] $11,000.” Gillis said.

Gillis once hung out with Diaz. One of Diaz’s fans was a big fan of Gillis so Diaz asked him to go out with them. When asked about his view on Nate Diaz, Gillis said that Diaz is actually super friendly with his fans and it’s the complete opposite of his character on camera.

“He’s the only famous dude that I’ve seen, that if people are around and they’re coming up for like pictures, he’s like, ‘Hell yeah!’ Like immediately. No hesitation.” Gillis added.