Comedian exposes Bodybuilder Bradley Martyn’s horrible grappling

Influencer and YouTuber Bradley Martyn gained attention recently for his claims that he could take on various MMA stars and defeat them by his sheer size.

Martyn is upwards of 230lbs and is a seasoned bodybuilder.

However he got exposed for having grappling difficulties against an injured 165 lbs opponent – who is much older to boot.

Martyn, with over 4 million Instagram followers and around 3 million YouTube subscribers, is known for showcasing strength and lifting stunts. Despite this, his grappling skills were called into question when he faced off against a smaller opponent.

Martyn previously challenged UFC legend Nate Diaz and boxing champion Devin Haney to street duels, expressing confidence in his muscular physique. He even believed he could defeat former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson.

Despite Martyn’s confidence, many in the combat sports community believe Johnson’s skill and stamina would secure victory, especially if Martyn had some experience in wrestling or jiu-jitsu.

A viral video displayed Martyn’s wrestling skills in action as he took on comedian Brian Callen. Callen, a blue belt in jiu-jitsu, weighed around 165 lbs and had a neck injury during the match. Martyn, on the other hand, weighed around 260 lbs, creating a significant weight difference.

Throughout the match, Martyn struggled against Callen’s grappling. Despite the size difference, Martyn frequently held Callen’s neck, leading to concerns about Callen’s injury. Martyn utilized his weight advantage to maintain control, but Callen tapped out due to his neck injury.

While Martyn won the match, his performance led many to believe that Demetrious Johnson would likely triumph if they were to face each other.

Fitness influencer Bradley Martyn has faced criticism in the MMA community for his controversial remarks and claims. Jake Paul and Demetrious Johnson have offered him opportunities to prove himself, but doubts remain about Martyn’s ability to compete against skilled opponents based on his past experiences.

UFC veteran Mike Perry is eager to teach Martyn a lesson.