Comedian Bill Burr reveals losing bet to wife after betting on McGregor

The three intense face-offs between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier have captivated UFC enthusiasts worldwide. These clashes occurred once in the featherweight division and twice in the lightweight division, each match leaving a mark on UFC history.

Renowned comedian Bill Burr recently found himself in the spotlight due to his wife Nia Renee Hill, flipping off Donald Trump during UFC 295 at MSG. Burr defended his wife by joking about the incident and humorously compared the event to the Republican National Convention.

Known for his witty humor, Bill also shared a hilarious incident from UFC 264 involving his wife’s spirited engagement. During the McGregor vs. Poirier trilogy, Burr bet on McGregor while his wife rooted for Poirier.

He said during The Rich Eisen Show: “I bet Conor McGregor, she bet Dustin Poirier, and my wife’s hilarious when she watches the UFC. She is out when it starts getting exciting. She gets out of her seat and is f*cking walking around the room, screaming at the TV like she f*cking loses it. She’s like knees, knees, elbows, yes, yes.”

Burr and his wife were apparently in a public area when Hill was thrilled with Poirer’s win. She backed Poirier in the event against her husband, who supported McGregor. The trilogy bout between Poirier and McGregor was called off owing to McGregor fracturing his leg.

Burr even speculated on what might have occurred if the match had gone to a second or third round. He is an avid MMA fan who once said that Muhammad Ali would have no chance in MMA.

Before the UFC 264 event, Dustin Poirier beat McGregor in UFC 257 in order to avenge his loss at UFC 178 in 2014. Poirier was expected to capture the lightweight title from Charles Oliveira at UFC 269 after his victory at UFC 264. But Oliveira defeated Poirier by third-round submission.

Additionally, Poirier’s first attempt to win the lightweight title ended in a third-round submission defeat against Khabib Nurmagomedov.