Comedian Bill Burr defends wife after backlash for flipping of Donald Trump

Actor and comedian Bill Burr recently addressed the viral moment involving his wife’s expressive reaction towards former U.S. President Donald Trump at UFC 295.

Accompanied by his wife and actress Nia Renee Hill, Burr was seated at the UFC 295 event. Trump, alongside Kid Rock, Tucker Carlson, and Dana White, made a grand entrance at Madison Square Garden.

The arena erupted in cheers for Trump, but not everyone shared the enthusiasm as the main card commenced.

Seated beside her husband, Hill gestured a double-finger salute directed at Trump. It seems like she clearly expressed her sentiments towards the controversial former president.

As anticipated, supporters of Donald Trump swiftly criticized Hill’s actions as vulgar. This reaction seemed somewhat paradoxical, considering these were the same individuals proudly showcasing ‘F*ck Biden’ flags in public.

Addressing the incident on The Rich Eisen Show, Burr firmly supported his wife’s actions. He said: “You know where you stand with her.”

“The guy walked in the arena, everybody cheered, she gave him the finger, nobody got arrested. That’s why this country’s great. Everybody expressed themselves. Can we all be adults?”

“I don’t know about you, but I came there to go to the fights. I didn’t know I was going to the Republican National Convention.”

Earlier in the conversation, Burr criticized Trump supporters who often dish out criticism but cannot handle receiving it themselves.

Burr remarked: “It’s like those Trump guys, they’re always going, ‘You snowflakes,’. Then you make fun of Trump and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, that’s so disrespectful.’ You can’t have it both ways.”

Previously, comedian Bill Burr spoke candidly with talk show host Conan O’Brien on how surprised he was by Donald Trump’s win in the 2016 presidential election.

Burr acknowledged that he didn’t favor Trump or Hillary Clinton and that he hadn’t cast a vote for either.

Burr stated on the show: “I can’t quite remember who I voted for president. It wasn’t Trump or Hillary, though. I didn’t like either one of them. The Giants beating the undefeated Patriots, that’s all a joke. The star of a reality show is going to run the country. The guy who decided if Bret Michaels or Cyndi Lauper would make a better CEO for a company that doesn’t exist is going to be running stuff.”