Comedian Anthony Jesselnik tells the story about putting UFC vet Brendan Schaub in his place

Anthony Jesselnik is renowned for his dark, biting humor and not mincing words. In an interview a while back, Jesselnik recounted a humorous interaction he had with former UFC star Brendan Schaub that perfectly encapsulates his no-nonsense comedic style.

Jesselnik explained that a few months prior, a fellow comedian kept insistently giving him unsolicited career advice.

Despite Jesselnik politely brushing it off at first, the comedian persisted until Jesselnik finally responded bluntly: “If I need any more career advice, I’ll let you know.” The room erupted in laughter, recognizing Jesselnik had skillfully but firmly put the overeager comedian in his place.

While Jesselnik didn’t want to out Schaub, his former trainer and social media manager felt differently. In a different interview, he confirmed having wintessed the incident.

Mark recalled witnessing Schaub attempting to give him advice before a show as well. With a tone of amused bafflement, Jesselnik expressed his disbelief that Schaub, despite Jesselnik’s immense success and fame as “one of the greatest living comics”, would presume to offer him career tips.

When Schaub recounted the incident and made it seem like Jesselnik had welcomed his advice, Jesselnik clarified the reality: Jesselnik had issued him a subtle but clear rebuke by saying “I think I got it” with a knowing wink. As the former assistant stated bluntly, that was his way of telling the “f***ing idiot” Schaub that he should never lecture him about his wildly successful comedy career.

The anecdote reinforces Jesselnik’s reputation as a brilliant but uncompromising comic unwilling to suffer fools. His deft handling of both comics overstepping showcased his mastery of harsh but preciselycrafted humor that commands respect, even from those being mocked.