Colby Covington wants Belal Muhammad released after racial discrimination accusations

Colby Covington has demanded that the UFC immediately remove Belal Muhammad from their roster after Muhammad accused Covington of being the next contender for the championship only because he is white.

Leon Edwards successfully defended the UFC welterweight championship on Saturday night, and Dana White announced that Covington would be the next contender to challenge Edwards for the 170-pound belt. However, several fans questioned why Covington was selected as the next fighter.

In response, during an appearance on The MMA Hour, Edwards suggested that there could be some “Dana White privilege” at work. MMA writer Aaron Bronsteter posted a quote from Edwards in which he questioned why Covington would come next in line.

Muhammad added his opinion in a tweet, saying that Covington was the next guy in line merely because “he’s white.”

Covington was outraged when he heard about Muhammad’s remark and lashed out at him, demanding that the UFC immediately fire him. He accused Muhammad of being a racist and claimed that he should be fined and kicked out of the UFC.

After hearing about Belal Muhammad’s remark, Colby Covington lashed out at him and demanded that the UFC immediately fire him.

Covington told James Lynch: “I’m not going to pick some kid up that is on the bottom of the prelims. You got to earn your way up here and that guy is racist, man. He was saying the only reason that happened is because I’m white. How is that not racist? That is disgusting. That is despicable, that is f**king disgusting, man.”

“I would never say that and use someone’s color of their skin by that’s why they got that done. Disgusting, man. He should literally be fined and kicked out of the UFC. Oh my gosh, honestly, I can’t even imagine. Everything I worked my entire life for would be sunken, my ship would be sunken.”

“That would be the end of Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington. But, I would never say something so stupid because it has nothing to do with that ever. I don’t care what color skin you are, man, I look at the integrity inside your heart and the person that you are. I look at other things, how smart you are. It’s just disgusting, man.”