Colby Covington might have lost a tooth during Masvidal conflict in Miami

Colby Covington defeated Jorge Masvidal earlier this month in a 5 round showdown. Masvidal was consistently outwrestled and struggled to make any kind of leeway against Covington in the octagon. But things might not be so clear cut outside of the athletic commission sanctioned environment.

MMA community is abuzz with rumors that Masvidal and Covington got into it earlier tonight. The conflict itself appears to not have been videotaped but there is a video of Covington surrounded by Police officers floating around.

As per TMZ:

The footage was shot at around 11:30 p.m. ET … roughly half an hour after sources tell us Covington and Masvidal got into a physical altercation outside of Papi Steak in Miami Beach.

Colby Covington was at restaurant when Jorge Masvidal showed up and instigated an altercation with him. Covington appeared to be getting mad at Bob Menery for sharing their location, because that’s what ultimately led to Masvidal showing up. Menery is host of Full send podcast. Covington was reportedly in the company of nelk boys.


He says Masvidal ran up and attacked him, but not for sure as of now. Meanwhile Masvidal and his management shared the following updates.

Masvidal also showed his teeth in another of his social media posting perhaps indicating that his tooth was chipped during, you be the judge. Kawa asked for video of the altercation from the public on his social media – and subsequently thanked the nelk boys.