Colby Covington claims Masvidal damaged Rolex watch, demands $15k for repairs

Covington might not have insisted on a big pay day for Masvidal octagon clash but he’s certainly making money a factor in his Masvidal altercation.

Masvidal was reportedly disguised in a hoodie in a surgical mask when he decided, along with 4 companions, to intercept Colby on the way out from a Miami steakhouse. Masvidal then proceeded to land 2 shots on Colby and run out of the place.

He later bragged about it on social media announcing he had chipped Covington’s tooth.

Covington called law enforcement and filed charges on the spot. Covington is said to have run back into the steakhouse after multiple other men tried to get involved. At that point Covington called the police and reported he suffered a fracture to his front left tooth, an abrasion to the wrist and damage to his wristwatch.

Nolan King of MMA Junkie revealed on twitter that damage to the wristwatch might be a more significant factor:
“Another new detail from Miami police following the arrest of Jorge Masvidal for the alleged attack on Colby Covington: The victim alleges his Rolex watch, valued at $90k, was damaged and needs approximately $15k in repairs due to scratches and a broken wristband.”

WPGL Local News 10 acquired the video of Masvidal being placed under arrest.

Jorge Masvidal is currently in custody in Miami on $15,000 bail, per records. He is being charged with aggravated battery with bodily harm and criminal mischief per ESPN.

In Florida, aggravated battery is considered a Level 7 offense in terms of severity ranking. Unless there is good cause for a downward departure in sentencing, the minimum one will probably receive under this charge 21 months in prison. Maximum penalties are: 15 years’ prison time.

Video of the incident is available.

Jail records, obtained by TMZ Sports, show the 37-year-old UFC star was booked in Miami at 10:27 PM ET on Wednesday, where he posed for a mug shot.