Colby Covington blasts Mike Tyson’s team for promoting with old footage: “He doesn’t look like that right now”

The recent matchup between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson in boxing has stirred considerable controversy. UFC competitor Colby Covington recently was the latest to weigh in on the matter.

On July 20, 2024, the much-discussed bout between the 27-year-old Jake Paul and the legendary 57-year-old Mike Tyson is slated to take place. Despite the buzz surrounding the event, it has been met with mixed reactions. This is particularly due to the significant age gap between the contenders.

The announcement of the matchup over a week ago was met with skepticism and lackluster enthusiasm from fans. Many expressed concerns over the idea of Jake Paul facing an opponent of Mike Tyson’s age.

While criticisms abound, it’s evident that financial incentives are a driving force behind the showdown.

Recent footage released by Mike Tyson’s camp showcasing his training regime has sparked debate. While some praised Tyson’s apparent fitness and agility, others like Colby Covington question the authenticity and recency of the videos.

During an episode of the SOCAST podcast, Covington said: “That footage is not live footage, I could promise you that. Mike Tyson’s camp, they had that footage filmed from a couple [of] years ago so that’s not like the current Mike Tyson. I was actually on a flight with him a couple [of] weeks ago, we were flying to Vegas together, sweetest guy in the world… But he doesn’t look like that right now and that’s definitely not how he’s hitting pads. That’s from years prior.”

In the ten days since the match;s announcement, Tyson has been actively sharing his training journey through various videos. Each subsequent release showcases incremental improvements, surprising many fans who had doubted his abilities.

Colby Covington didn’t shy away from making bold allegations against the Paul brothers, accusing them of PED use.

He continued: “I think it’s going to end bad. I think, you know, Jake’s going to probably knock him out within the first 2 minutes and if he doesn’t then it’ll be because he’s carrying him and he’s trying to make the freak show look like it’s a competitive fight. But, I hate the fight.”

Echoing widespread concerns, Covington fears for Tyson’s safety and hopes that the former heavyweight champion emerges from the match unscathed.

Covington also explained why Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. were so sluggish during their 2020 match. The boxers were able to emerge from the ring unhurt because California’s boxing commission granted them special permits.

He said: “You know, he shouldn’t be fighting anymore. I don’t think it’s safe. I think it’s dangerous. At that age, your heart might explode, you know, he gets hit in the head, he might have a brain bleed… That’s what I hope for I hope that Mike Tyson makes it through injury-free and doesn’t get hurt.”

The much-anticipated clash between Tyson and Paul is set to stream on Netflix, with Paul announcing that subscribers won’t incur additional charges to watch the event. The venue for the showdown is the iconic AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.