Claressa Shields threatens to “embarrass” Rolly Romero after the male boxer threatened to ‘put his hands on her’

Claressa Shields is renowned for her prowess in the boxing ring. She recently found herself at the center of a social media storm.

A video recently surfaced capturing her being knocked down during a sparring session. Following the video’s circulation, Claressa Shields took to Instagram and unleased a passionate rant. Her primary annoyance was directed at Arturs Ahmetovs, the male boxer responsible for the knockdown.

However, Shields also voiced her frustration with Rolando Romero. Despite the recent surfacing of the video, it was revealed to have been recorded five years prior.

To Claressa Shields’ disgust, she said that Romero messaged her after the video’s publication. Shields stated:

“Rolly, next time I see you, you can put your f****** dukes up because I’mma punch the f*** out of your a**. Whenever I see you in person you bow down and be respectful. But then you wanna come [into] my inbox… don’t flatter yourself!… So Rolly while your punk a** came to my inbox, I will square up with you and whoop your a**! I will come to TMT and literally put my hands on you. I wanna embarrass you Rolly.”

Additionally, Shields labeled Romero as ‘trash’. She listed several boxers whom she believed could defeat Romero in a match. The names included the likes of including Savannah Marshall, Ryan Garcia, Teofimo Lopez, and Gervonta Davis.

The top-ranked female boxer in the pound-for-pound division then threatened to award Ismael Barroso one of her thirteen world championship titles. Shields said that Barroso ‘earned’ a championship since he had defeated Romero.

After the emergence of the video portraying Ahmetovs knocking down Claressa Shields, Rolando Romero took to social media to express his perspective.

Romero tweeted his disapproval of the Latvian during the sparring session. However, Romero has now removed the tweet after Shields’ reply.

Shields revealed that Romero had reached out to her through DMs on Instagram.

“[Rolly] comes into my inbox last night on Instagram and was like: ‘Hey, it’s crazy how I knocked that dude out for you but you be hating on me.'”

Shields also said in reaction to the footage that Ahmetovs had taken off the padding from his gloves in an attempt to harm her because he was angry at her for losing a prior sparring match.