Chuck Liddell: Vin Diesel helped end feud with Tito Ortiz

UFC icon Chuck Liddell can still clearly recall putting an end to his feud with Tito Ortiz at a Vin Diesel party.

On Bradley Martin’s Raw Talk interview, Liddell vividly recalls the intriguing incident of reconciling differences with long-time rival Tito Ortiz. This is amidst the ambience of a lively party where Vin Diesel played an unexpected role as a peacemaker.

Liddell revealed the pivotal moment that prompted the reconciliation between him and Ortiz during an event. He recounted the incident when Ortiz made negative remarks during a radio interview in San Diego while discussing his match with Vitor Belfort.

He said: “So Tito [Ortiz] when he was fighting Vitor Belfort, he was doing a radio interview in San Diego, said ‘I don’t date white trash like Chuck’ And a bunch of guys called me up… So I wasn’t real happy with him. We went to that fight and after the fight there’s an afterparty at I think seven, John Huntington was promoting it, friend of ours.”

“He comes up to me, he’s like ‘Bro, you gotta squash this stuff with Tito because your guys are going to fight his guys. I don’t need trouble in here. I don’t need problems with you. Please squash it.”

Surprisingly, Vin Diesel assumed an unexpected role in the reconciliation process. He was instrumental in facilitating a conversation between Liddell and Ortiz, aiming to defuse the tension. Addressing Ortiz, Liddell made it clear that any derogatory remarks about his family and friends were unacceptable.

“I went over, they got Tito over. Actually Vin Diesel was there too, I don’t know he was negotiating I guess… He was trying to get us to talk. I’m like okay, first off this is my girlfriend, apologize. Secondly, you ever talk about my family and friends on a radio interview again, I know where you live, I’ll come beat you in your living room, you understand that?”

“He’s like yeah, no man, I got it, I’m sorry, I wasn’t talking about her. I was talking about Juliette Lewis… I’m like, ‘Really? She’s not white trash, bro. She plays characters in movies, you idiot”

Liddell and Ortiz are renowned for their intense rivalry within the UFC. They have transitioned from adversaries to amicable acquaintances. Despite the heated confrontations in the ring, the duo managed to bury the hatchet. They even went out to parties this past April with Israel Adesanya.


During their iconic MMA careers, Liddell and Ortiz engaged in combat thrice. In the UFC, Liddell defeated Ortiz twice. In their 2018 trilogy bout under Golden Boy MMA, Liddell managed to win once.